• Hires Big H Fry Sauce (2-pack)

Hires Big H Fry Sauce (2-pack)

Fry sauce is the world’s next ketchup for burgers and fries. And it’s Hires Big H that has made fry sauce famous. Far more than a simple combination of ketchup and mayonnaise, Hires Big H Fry Sauce sets the standard with a delicious blend of secret ingredients. Try Hires Big H Fry Sauce on burgers, fries, hot dogs, onion rings, tacos and burritos. Hires Big H Fry Sauce makes foods totally tasty. Order some today. One order is two 16 oz. bottles (one two-pack).

How to make the famous Hires Big H Hamburger

Pattie and grill to medium well done one side of a 1/4 lb. of fresh ground hamburger. Flip the pattie to grill the other side and salt and cheese with american cheese the first grilled side of the pattie. While you are grilling the hamburger pattie, warm the top and bottom bun face down on an adjacent portion of the grill or in an adjacent frying pan until the bun is warm and soft. Remove the bun from the heat. Spread Hires Big H Hamburger and Fry sauce generously on the inside of the top and bottom bun and garnish the bottom bun with fresh cut lettuce and tomato. Place the grilled pattie on top of the bottom bun of fresh lettuce and tomato and place the top bun on top. Now enjoy the best burger you have ever tasted! Compliments of Hires Big H.