The Hires Big H Kitchen

The Hires Big H kitchen grinds top-quality chuck daily for its pure beef patties. The Hires Veggie H patties are made with five fresh vegetables and other all-natural ingredients. You'll love this tasty vegetarian patty which has a mere 1/2 gram of fat.

Hires Big H chili and creamy chicken noodle soup are made from scratch using a wonderful blend of quality ingredients.

Hires Big H famous french fries are cut each day from whole potatoes, and Hires onion rings are sliced from whole onions and breaded and fried to a golden perfection. And customers cannot resist Hires Big H Fry Sauce - the perfect sauce for french fries, onions rings, hamburgers and summer barbeque favorites.

Hires Big H crisp salads and toasted garlic breads are especially tasty since the roquefort, thousand island, french and vinegarette dressings and garlic butter are all made from scratch. Hires also makes its own lemon-pepper mayonnaise, honey mustard and tartar sauces for its delicious sandwiches and platters. And for dessert, take home one of Hires' delicious homemade brownies.

Hires Big H purchases fresh produce from the Salt Lake produce docks. A local bakery bakes and delivers Hires fresh-baked buns daily, including a Utah favorite, the tasty Hires Big H bun.

As you can taste, Hires Big H food is distinguishably delicious and is all available to take home.