Deseret News

Deseret News, September 1, 2000
Marilyn Karras, Deseret News Staff Writer
Bob Noyce, Deseret News Art Director

Marilyn: "Finally. Somebody who knows how to cook a hot dog! As a teenager, I loved the local drive-in's hot dog, called the round Dog, grilled and place on a round bun that was also browned on the grill and crispy. No matter what you put on this one, it was delicious. Hires' version is much the same but with the very tasty addition of tomato, pickles, onion, lettuce, ketchup and mustard. Optional add-ons include bacon, cheese, mushrooms, ham or pastrami, but it's just lovely the way it's served."

Bob: "This has to be the best all-around dog in town. The dog had a great flavor, the bun was also grilled and the condiments were fresh and tasty...They also have a great chili dog with homemade chili."

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