Deseret News: ABC's 'Nightline' follows Evan McMullin around the Salt Lake

Independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin has seen his name surge among national media outlets, like the Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, Bloomberg and Fox News, which have looked to profile the BYU grad and Mormon ahead of the November election.

Much of the McMullin discussion has focused around the possibility that he will win Utah. McMullin has received a number of favorable poll numbers over the last few weeks.

On Tuesday, ABC’s "Nightline" profiled McMullin in a eight-minute piece, interviewing the candidate from his campaign office in Salt Lake City and at local restaurants, including Hires Big H.

“It’s more actually about my belief that we need better leaders in this country,” McMullin told Nightline. “And for the fact that we’re the only conservatives in this race, and that we stand for the fundamental ideals that have made this country special.”

Deseret News opinion editor Hal Boyd also appeared in the video, talking about the Mormon vote in this election.

“Latter-day Saints grew up hearing about Mormon pioneers and the persecution that they suffered," said Boyd, adding that "on the matter of religious liberty, they stand strong.”

You can watch the full Nightline video below.

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