Comfort Burgers: The Salt Lake Tribune

Comfort Burgers: The Salt Lake Tribune

Pure nostalgia — Hires Big H’s original location at 400 S. 700 East is a living time capsule to the days of cars hop service (you leave your lights on; a server comes out, takes your order and then delivers it to you) and menus that covered the four basic food groups.

Had it been up to me, one of those food groups would’ve been the Hires root-beer float in an achingly frosty mug. The ice cream is soft serve, but dense enough that it requires some lung power to get into that icy cold, refreshing root beer. It’s nostalgia in drinkable form that’s available at all three locations.

To some, it may conjure up a simpler era. To most, it’ll probably be a temple of approachable food. The dining room at the original location, where I visited, seems perpetually busy with quick and filling office lunches, family gatherings an hordes of teenagers enjoying their first taste of freedom with a side of chili cheese fries.

Vanessa Chang, “Comfort Burgers,” The Salt Lake Tribune, Thursday, January 8, 2009.

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